San Diego and Fall Break!

20 november 2009 Sarah

The Gaslamp Quarter

Since the cruise we went on was from San Diego, we took the oppurtunity to stay a couple of days in San Diego and check out the city that I was originally supposed to study in. It was a great city and I really enjoyed it but I´m still pretty happy that I ended up in Orange County, I´m not sure if I would want to live in San Diego, great as it might be =)

We stayed in a hostel in the famous Gaslamp District, in the heart of downtown San Diego. This is an area filled with bars, clubs, restaurants and shops. The hostel was awsome and the location couldn´t be any better. During these couple of days, mostly we just walked around the city, explored the streets of downtown San Diego, enjoyed the beautiful views of the harbour and did some shopping.

We also visited the USS Midway, which is an aircraft carrier, today serving as a museum ship. It was active in the Vietnam war and in Operation Desert Storm. We took a guided tour around it and got to see and hear about the life of the sailors and warriors onboard. It was very interesting and sure made one think that things were better back in the days. Man, I feel like grandma saying that =) Check out some of the photos from San Diego:

Downtown San Diego

Our hostel from outside the street

..and the very colorful/bright inside...

My newly found friend at the harbour

The USS Midway

The engine room of USS midway

Prisoners were held captivity here

Tribute to the sailors


Tomorrow is the start of our Fall recess, also known as thanksgiving break…ooh I have been looking forward to thanksgiving forever, its truly one of my favourite holidays, and I never get to celebrate it in Sweden…so this year I´m going crazy with it =) We´re gonna start off our break by going to Las Vegas this sunday, to stay for 4 days.  As you all might know by now, Vegas is known for its MANY five star hotels, and picking one was not easy; The Mirage, The Venetian, Bellagio, Wynn, Encore, Ceasars Palace…after many hours of thinking we finally decided to divide our stay between 2 hotels: The Mirage (because it has tigers&dolphins) and The Wynn Resort (based on the quality of their rooms) . We have so much planned for these days, I can´t wait!!!

After Vegas we are off to Hanford, which is a small city up north, and the home of Amy´s(our roomie) parents. We have been invited by their kind family to celebrate thanksgiving with them, and to stay at their house. We got to meet her parents a couple of weeks ago and they were just awsome so its gonna be a lot of fun.

And as a grand finalé, we´re off to San Diego (again) for next weekend…we were supposed to go to San Francisco that weekend, but after finding out that my good friend Jessica(from my class in sweden) is gonna be in San Diego, we decided to ditch San Francisco and meet up with Jessica in San Diego. The funny thing is that they booked the same hostel that we stayed in last time, so we´re doing a ”favorit i repris” and staying there as well.

Happy Thanksgiving to all of you!!!!


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  • 1. Jessica  |  23 november 2009 kl. 3:10

    Yiiihaaa! San Diego here we come! 😉


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