Hollywood Glam?

13 november 2009 Sarah

These past couple of weeks have been really tough in school. Finally, I had all my midterms and now I can relax for a couple of weeks before finals. I did really good on two if my midterms (the ones that I got back)…I got a 100% one of them which my teacher proudly presented to the whole class, after which EVERYONE started clapping hands and asking me stuff (as if I actually knew)….and on the other exam, my teacher thought it would be unfair to give me ”only a 100%” because I did so good…so he raised my grade to a 102% haha…I told my mom about this and being the strict teacher she is, she says ”but sarah, he can´t do that, there is no such thing as 102%…” and I say ”well, i guess he thought I did really good”…and my mom says ”no but sarah, he can´t do that, you can only get 100 or less on an exam”…as you can imagine, this conversation went on and on…

Oh as I mentioned before, we went to Hollywood for Halloween. During the day, we got to sightsee a bit in Hollywood, we walked on Hollywood Blvd, saw the walk of fame, the Codak theathre, the Chinese theathre…it was all nice but I really don´t see what all the fuss is about. It wasn´t really that glamourous. It was a cool place, but nothing more. Some people I know here go to Hollywood every weekend. I seriously don´t understand what they do there. Oh well, it´s just a difference of opinion I guess. Here´s some pics from Hollywood:


Tiny Hollywood sign


The walk of Fame


We went on another boatdive to Santa Catalina Island last week, it was a really nice dive and me and Kim did really good. Well compared to other people. We had a girl in our group that did really bad which made me and Kim look like pro´s. We finally finished all our skills and can now be certified!!

This weekend is going to be awsome. My friend Natalie won a spa treatment for her and her girlfriends myself included, thanx Nat!) so this saturday I´m going to do that…we´re gonna have champange and just be pampered! And on sunday I´m probably going to one of my favourite outlet malls here, followed by a comedy show with one of my favourite stand-ups; Pablo Fransisco, it´s gonna be so cool seeing him live!

Oh I almost forgot, I have SO MANY pictures from our cruise and it takes a lot of time if I were to post them all here, so I´ll post them on Facebook instead so take a look there!


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  • 1. Jessica  |  14 november 2009 kl. 21:52

    Jag håller med, Hollywood är verkligen ingenting särskilt! Grattis till dykcertet och tentorna 😉


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