Halloween in Hollywood!!

02 november 2009 Sarah

For those of you not currently living in the states, Halloween is probably the biggest event of the year, for people in our age. Or any age. Almost everyone here gets in the spirits by decorating their houses, carving pumpkins, finding the perfect outfit and so on. And so did we. For the past couple of weeks, we decorated the apartment with scary stuff  and carved our own pumpkins.

We took off to Hollywood for the Halloween celebrations of 2009. West Hollywood is the place to be for Halloween. Each year, more than 500,000 people take to the streets of Santa Monica Boulevard to enjoy the craziest, most eccentric costume creations ever. So so was the case last night. Hundreds of thousands of people, all dressed out, we walking the Halloween parade to show off their outfits. It was crazy. Nono, it was a freak show. Some people had the coolest, most amazing costumes. Others were just perverted. There were A LOT of gay people and transvestites. And for some reason (I think it was my costume, the whole sailor thingy) they seemed to like me. A LOT. Lets just leave it at that =) We had so much fun, we danced, had drinks and chatted with everyone. I wish I could post all the photos I took, but for now you´ll just have settle with a few of them. And oh by the way, if you´re easily offended, stop looking RIGHT NOW, do not scroll down, I´m just the messenger ok? =)


Josh&Kim: pirates of the Californian


The captain & the pirate


Held captive


Girls @ sea : me & Nat


Things were better in Roman times =)


Nat not easily frightened!


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Svine Flu




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Flower Power


Love is in the air =)


Cruella & Dalmation


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  • 1. Linda  |  06 november 2009 kl. 6:23

    Oh la la vilka heta bilder.Och en del jvligt sjuka, haha. Så fina ni är! Verkar som ni har det bra där borta!PUSS


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