Dolphins, court & mexico!

17 oktober 2009 Sarah

So me and Kim went to court the other day, to deal with our little jay-walking situation. There was many hours of waiting before we finally got to enter the court-room.We panicd when we saw a huge room filled with atleast 200 other people who where all there for the same reason as us (or for speeding, drunk driving, possession of drugs etc.). In the front was a big podium where the judge was sitting, if you guys have seen Judge Judy on Tv, this was EXCACTLY the same. We were called to the judge, one by one, and were asked ”how do you pleed” and we answered ”guilty” and that was it, our 255 dollar ticket was reduced to 97 dollars each. It really was a great experience, we just sat there and listened to everyone else´s trials, and tried not to laugh too hard. Some stories were funny, others just tragic. At least, our violation was by far the worst. Some people had a 9000 dollar ticket to pay!! Here´s some photos from our little adventure:

The Court-room

The Court-room


Kim, all dressed up for court =)

Kim, all dressed up for court =)

Tomorrow´s the big day, we are going to spend the weekend in San Diego, which I´ve been waiting for ever since we got to the US! We´re staying at a hostel in the Gaslamp Quarter, where all the shopping, bars and clubs are, so it´s gonna be tons of fun! And our cruise is actually from the port of San Diego, which is this monday!! SOOOOO looking forward to the cruise. Me and Kim went shopping today, the last day of the cruise is a ”formal night” so everyone is really dressed up with beautiful dresses for the ladies and tuxedos for men. So Kim got a Kenneth Cole tuxedo with a DKNY tie, classy huh? =)

I also found out today that my best friend Anoush and my mom are coming to see me in Cali April 1st, I´m so happy! Anoush and I have so much fun together, just the thought of her makes me smile…here´s a picture of us on our last get-together just before I left for the states, only a few people know what really happened that night =)

Me & my girl

Me & my girl

I´ll leave you guys with a link to a little video of the dolphins that we saw on our SCUBA trip, it´s just a few seconds long but we were so excited to see them that filming wasn´t our first priority =) But check it out! Next post will be after our trip to Mexico!


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  • 1. Jessica  |  20 oktober 2009 kl. 1:08

    Fan lätt värt 97 USD för att få en insider-upplevelse av det amerikanska rättssystemet! Jag funderar på att bryta lagen själv 😉
    Stilig Kim var i kostymen!

  • 2. Anoush  |  30 oktober 2009 kl. 16:37

    hope you had fun in mexico my darling. i miss you lot…i can´t wait to see you guys in OC, it´s going to be so much fun. By the way, i just baught an apartment in hising backa, your old area…have fun sweetie…kisses and hugs


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