My first Dive!

14 oktober 2009 Sarah

Me and Kim went on our first ocean dive for our Scuba class last friday! We got up at 5am, packed our stuff and headed to Long Beach harbour, where we got on the Bottom Scratcher, the boat that took us on a 3 hour trip to Santa Catalina Island. Catalina is a rocky island just off the coast of California, and a very popular spot for scuba diving (better than Hawaii, according to our teacher). On the way there we saw lots of pelicans and even a sea lion. It was a bumpy ride though and lots of people got sea-sick. Thank god for Dramamine, I say! (sea-sickness medication)

Catalina Island

Catalina Island

The crew on the boat were just fabulous, a great captain and told us about this passion for cars, and a brittish cook that was very upset about Mr. Obama receiving the Nobel peace price. Anyways, the cook was awsome, all through the day she cooked us all kinds of deliciuos food, so everytime we got out of the water she had something new in store for us to eat. After breakfast we all took a nap in one of the many bunk beds on the boat. All of a sudden the captain stopped the engines and everyone rushed out to the side of the boat. Turns out, a large group of DOLPHINS were playing in the waves that the boat left behind. They were jumping up and down, doing all kinds of tricks…it was the most exciting thing I´ve ever seen in my life, they were SO beautiful! Kim caught some of it on film, I´ll see if I can post it on the blog.

Pelican & Long Beach Harbour

Pelican & Long Beach Harbour



Early morning on the boat

Early morning on the boat

We did three dives during the day, most of it included doing our necessary skills in order to be certified. These skills are pretty scary and I did have a little panic attack during my second dive, mostly because I couldn´t equalize my ears and I actually ended up hurting my ears a bit, but I´m recovering from it =) After my second dive I felt like I never wanted to dive ever again, but after some food and hot chocolate, I was ready for the next dive =)

Getting ready for the dive

Getting ready for the dive

Overall, we had a great day. The boat was a lot of fun and ofcourse, getting in the water was even better. The visibility was really good, and we saw a lot of fish, lobsters and beautiful marine plants. The Kelp (a type of underwater plant) here in the waters of South California are really amazing, they create this underwater forest which attracts lots of marine life and it feels almost unreal swimming around these 50 meter tall plants. This is what it looks like below the surface:

A kelp forest

A kelp forest

Ok I admit, we did not have sharks in the water, but you get the picture right? I really liked the dives and I can´t wait until our next boat trip. After we got back to the harbour, our wonderful teacher L.T (a former member of the SWAT team, no kidding) took me and Kim to what he called ” a very sleezy bar” but to be honest, I didn´t think it was that bad, I´ve seen worse. But it was a lot of fun!

This weekend we´re going to San Diego, really looking forward to that! And on monday we´re going on our 6-day cruise to Cabo, Mexico! It´s gonna be amazing, I´m sure. Hope you guys have a great week!


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