Confessions of a shopaholic…

06 oktober 2009 Sarah

On saturday, me, Kim and Miriam went to Ontario Mills Mall, one of Americas largest one-story malls. It´s an outlet mall, which means that they have all the brand name stores (like Ralph Lauren, Guess, Coach etc.) but to much lower prices. And man, did we shop. I got so much stuff, dresses, tops, shorts, underwear…but best of all: a new GUESS handbag with a matching wallet! I love it! Thinking about it now, I really feel bad for shopping so much but I just couldn´t stop myself in there!

*love* GUESS

*love* GUESS

 On Sunday we decided to go to Ikea to get a dresser for our room. Although I´m not a big Ikea-fan back home, it was actually pretty fun to be there, see a swedish flag and other swedish stuff. We had swedish meatballs that were EVEN BETTER than the ones back home, and cheaper. And we went nuts at ”godishyllan”, we got Bilar (candy), Ballerinakex(crackers) and chocolates. Strangely, this was also cheaper than back home.

Swedish candy rocks!

Swedish candy rocks!

Meatballs, mashed potatoes, gravy & Lingon!

Meatballs, mashed potatoes, gravy & Lingon!

Just like home

Just like home

So to sum up: NO more shopping in a while. Or ever. We´ll see =) Meanwhile, I have some schoolwork this week, and also, me and Kim have to prepare for our first ocean-dive this Friday! You guys have NO IDEA how nervous we are, well everyone in our class are. Although it´s gonna be tons of fun, this trip comes with some dangers since we aren´t used to the ocean. So far we have only been using a deep pool which is not the same, as you can imagine. This time we´ll be in water 30-40 feet deep, with limited visibility. Anyways, I´ll let you know how that goes =)

For now, have a great week!


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  • 1. Jessica  |  07 oktober 2009 kl. 6:19

    Fan va avis jag är, vill också ha svensk choklad! Tror inte det dröjer särskilt länge innan du börjar shoppa igen 😛 Och tro mig, jag förstår er nervositet inför dyket. När jag tog mitt open water var jag övertygad om att jag skulle dö inför varje dyk.. Men jag klarade det! 😉

  • 2. Olle  |  10 oktober 2009 kl. 21:26

    Snygg AF-hoodie! Snyggt som fan!


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