We´re going to Mexico!!

03 oktober 2009 Sarah

Because of the budget crisis, our school has a so called furlough week  in october, which means that the school is closed, so that money can be saved. We have had a couple of furlough days already and there are more to come. It´s not really good news since students miss out on many of their classes. Especially if you pay high tuition fees (like Kim). But the good news is that we have some time off from school. So we decided to book a cruise to Mexico in two weeks, during that week we´re off from school! It´s gonna be so much fun, I can´t wait!

We´re travelling with one of the world´s largest cruise lines, Royal Caribbean International. The Ship is called Radiance of the Seas and it´s totally amazing. It has: lots of pools, jacuzzis, a water park, a rock-climbing wall, miniature golf, a huge casino, a library, a movie theatre, a comedy club, a shopping mall, a gym with all sorts of aerobic/dance classes, a basketball court, volleyball court, tons of restaurants/cafe´s/bars/nightclubs…TO MENTION A FEW. It´s gonna be crazy.

the "lobby" on Radiance of the Seas

the "lobby" on Radiance of the Seas

We´re going to two places in mexico: Ensenada and Cabo San Lucas. We´re gonna do some shore excursions when we get there, and we already booked a snorkelling trip in Cabo, which is one of the world´s most beautiful snorkelling spots. Ok here´s the bad thing: the cruise is all-inclusive! Which means all-you-can-eat, any restaurant, any time (yes, even room-service in the middle of the night is included). It´s gonna be interesting to see how much weight I´m gonna put on at the end of the cruise =)

Oh, and speaking of food. I´m a big fan of TGI Fridays. And I would go there everyday if I could, but my wallet and my health is  stopping me from doing that. But guess what I found at the grocery store last night? All their appetizers, all packed and ready to be heated! So this is what we had for dinner last night: Mozarella sticks, jalapenjo poppers, buffalo wings, spinach & artichoke dip and chicken quesedillas! All from TGI fridays!

Thank god it´s friday!

Thank god it´s friday!

For dessert I founds these adorable Pink band cup-cakes, if you´re gonna eat this stuff, it might as well be for a good cause right? =) Support the Pink Band!!!



Today´s saturday and we´re going to a huge outlet mall in a city nearby, Ontario (no, not the one in Canada). We´re gonna do some shopping, have dinner and maybe see a movie. A very chill saturday. Before I go, I´ve had many people asking me about my scuba class, and there seem to have been a misunderstanding. For the record, the scuba class I´m taking is not something I do on my sparetime, it´s an academic class that gives me credits just as any another chemisty or biology class would. We also have quizzes, exams and yes, we get graded. It sounds strange, I admit, since we don´t offer those types of classes at a university in Sweden, but here at Cal State University we have lots of them. How about taking a bowling class, golf or maybe surfing? =)

Have a great weekend you guys!!!


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  • 1. babak shahraki  |  04 oktober 2009 kl. 1:12

    You bastaaardddd!!! I think my aunt was on the same ship =) They said it was magical!! damn girl be careful over there, we dont wanna hear about you having a heart failure or some shit 😛 I’m not too worried about kim thou but who knows I have seen the skinniest dudes get fat fast I should know 😛 PEACE!!

  • 2. naffe  |  04 oktober 2009 kl. 23:22

    Åh, det låter ju helt underbart härligt! 😀 Du får rapportera sedan! Vad kostar en sådan kryssning egentligen? Vill också åka och bli tjock(are)!
    Ta hand om dig, vännen!
    Kram på dig!

  • 3. Jessica  |  05 oktober 2009 kl. 1:23

    Ja, hur mkt kostar den kryssningen?? Låter iaf verkligen som ditt paradis Sarah! 🙂

  • 4. Emma  |  07 oktober 2009 kl. 20:38

    hur sugen blev inte jag på mozarella sticks just nu… åh!


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