Halloween´s coming up!

28 september 2009 Sarah

I got the best halloween outfit this weekend, it´s SO cute! I´m not gonna tell you what I´m going as, but here´s a little clue. What do you guys think?

Take a guess!

Take a guess!

Anyways, I´m really looking forward to halloween, we´re going to Hollywood and from what I´ve heard, it´s the craziest place to be at Halloween!

Ooooh, before I go; for my female readers, you guys know I´m a fan of I.d bare minerals make up right? So I got some really good stuff the other day, and more than half the price off from what it would cost in Sweden. How happy was I? =)

Hugs to you all!

Pure Happiness

Pure Happiness


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  • 1. Jessica  |  01 oktober 2009 kl. 2:34

    Fan vad jag längtar till Halloween! 😉


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