Health care´s a bitch!

20 september 2009 Sarah

On my very first day of school, I was told that I had to buy a mandatory school health insurance. The insurance was super-expensive, about 500 dollars per semester!!! I tried to explain, over and over again that I already have a Swedish health insurance that will cover everything, and the answer I got was ”No, the Swedish ones aren´t as good, our insurance is much better, it will cover more”. Fine I though and got the insurance. I actuallt didn´t have much choice since they wouldn´t enroll me in any classes until I payed up.

So the other day I had to go to the doctors. It was just a short standard check-up and it was over within five minutes. The bill for this was 250 dollars!!! 250!!! And guess what? When I called the insurance company they told me that my wonderful all-american insurance will not cover all of it! Aren´t I glad I payed 500 dollars for it? So I´m not a big fan of American Health Care right now. Nor am I a big fan of CSUF. By the way, ironically, my swedish not-as-good-insurance will actually cover this. God bless ”Kammarkollegiet´s Student-Ut” insurance.

I havn´t had the best of weeks, me and Kim got a car which turned out to be a bit of a hassle. I´m trying not to think about it, but we´re getting it fixed and I´m sure it´ll work out. An advice for all my friends that are in the states at the moment: DO NOT trust anyone on Craigslist ( US-version of ”blocket”). Anyhow, as soon as we get it fixed I´ll post some pics.

My friend Natalie is getting married to her fiancee Josh next year and this friday, we went to a huge bridal shop to get her Bridal dress. Me and two of her closest friends acted as jury and after a couple of hours, she found the dress of her dreams. Now, as you all guys know, it´s bad luck for the groom to see the bride before the wedding, so I´m not posting any pics of her dress but believe me when I say that it was gorgeous!! Here´s a pic of the grand jury reaching its final verdict:

The jury: Daniella, Yvonne & me

The jury: Daniella, Yvonne & me

Some well-deserved Yogurtland yum!

Some well-deserved Yogurtland yum!

For those of you that haven´t yet heard of Yogurtland, I´ll tell you about it sometime, but it needs its own post =) For now, lets just say that it´s a desert, straight from heaven. Delicious.

After coming home, we went to Huntington Beach to see Natalie´s new apartment, which was ONE block from the beach and it was increadible! Real nice apartment just a few feet from the ocean. We had the yummiest dinner at the well-known ”Sharkeez” where they make some really good margaritas. As you may know by now, I LOVE frozen margaritas. Back home in Sweden, you pretty much have to talk a bartender into making you one, they think it´s ”too much work” but here, they sell ‘em everywhere! After dinner, we went to a pub called Hurricane and had some more margaritas. Being sorta sensitive to alcohol, I didn´t feel so good after a few drinks so we decided to go home, but we had a lot of fun, and it sure was a great night!

@ Hurricane

@ Hurricane

Drunk on frozen margaritas =)

Drunk on frozen margaritas =)


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  • 1. Jessica  |  22 september 2009 kl. 17:19

    Frozen margaritas, -that´s my girl! 😉


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