Last night´s turn of events…

30 augusti 2009 Sarah

So this is what happend last night: Me, Kim, Amy (our roomie) and two of her friends went to Downtown Fullerton to do some partying. So we were walking around, minding our own buissness when we got to this street we needed to cross. And since there was no crosswalk in sight we just walked right across the street. That´s when we see the bluelights of the policecar coming quickly towards us. I seriously didn´t understand what was happening, until the policemen ran out of the car and started asking us for id:s. Turns out, crossing a street is illegal over here, this phenomena even has its own name, ”Jaywalking”. And that´s what we were convicted for.

To be honest, I felt like the whole thing was kinda ridiculous and I couldn´t stop laughing as the policemen kept questioning us. Although the consequenses of our little crime was not as funny. So now we have to go to court in a month or so, and we will probahbly end up getting a nice juicy ticket for it. So I´ve been here for nearly 2 weeks and I´m already commiting crimes and going to court. How proud is my mom right now ? =)

I have pictures of this event, as a matter of fact, the policemen were kind enugh to let us take some photos of them and the car and everything so I´ll post those tonight. For now, here´s a picture of my court order!


Oh, one of the police officers was questioning Kim and he asked him about his height and Kim says ”I´m 182 cm” and the police says ”well I don´t do centimeters, what are you in feet? and I go ”WELL WE DON´T DO FEET!!!”, HAHAHA! You have to stick up for your rights, right?!


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  • 1. Anna Kartberg  |  30 augusti 2009 kl. 20:06

    Hahaha! Only in America!

  • 2. Sarah  |  31 augusti 2009 kl. 6:34

    Hahaha! Det är bra Sara, det där lyckades ju inte vi med trots att vi korsade hela landet!! Vi satt väl för mycket i bilen antar jag. Och GO Kim, så jäkla bra svar! Jättekul att läsa vad du är med om. Ta hand om dig där borta! Kram

  • 3. Jessica  |  01 september 2009 kl. 4:23

    Helt rätt svarat! När resten av världenanvänder cm kan ju amerikanerna gott anpassa sig!

  • 4. Anna  |  04 september 2009 kl. 9:05

    Vilket svar, så rätt.


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