First week of school…

27 augusti 2009 Sarah

I´m sorry that I don´t have the most frequently updated blog, we are so busy at the moment with school and getting our classes that there´s simply not time to do anything else. And oh, I am by the way the most lazy person who´s ever had a blog so that might be a reason too =)

So me and Kim started school on Monday, and so far I like it. The proffesors are good, some even great I would say. And as everyone else here in the states, my fellow classmates are so sweet and friendly. And the university itself – gorgeous! Unfortunately I´m not completely happy with my classes, due to budget cuts there are a lot of classes (some of which I had planned to attend) that have been cancelled, so that sucks. So for now I´m taking the following classes: Human Physiology (ok, cool teacher), Epidemiology (love the proffesor but not so much the class), Cancer Biology (really interesting and fun class) and my personal favorite: SCUBA DIVING! It´s going to be so much fun taking the Scuba class, and in the end it will give me a open water certificate! We´re gonna go on diving trips with a boat to Catalina Island, San Diego and so on, I´m really looking forward to it! The good thing is that I have a very chill schedule, I´ll only have classes monday through thursday and I start at 1pm everyday which gives me a lot of pool-time =)

On the weekends, we have been exploring the area, visiting a couple of malls nearby…we actually went to a fraternity party last weeekend, that was….interesting, it´s sort of a long story and I´ll write a post about it later, once I´ve gotten over the chock =) But let me tell you this, whatever you guys back home in sweden have seen in the movies about Fraternities, ITS ALL TRUE!

Oh I´ve totally forgotten to tell you about our new roomate! So me and Kim share the apartment with Amy, she´s also a cal state student majoring in Psycology. She´s a real sweetheart, and we love living with her, it´s so much fun! So tonight we went to Cantina Lounge for some strawberry margaritas, and had lots of fun! So me, Kim and Amy have a plan, I don´t wanna say what it is for now but its pretty huge…you´ll know for sure by the end of this weekend so hang in there =) Here are some pics for now, the first one is of Amy, and the other one of my new nails, I got them done last week and SOOO cheap compared to sweden so I´m very pleased =)

Pretty Amy

Pretty Amy

My new nails

My new nails


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  • 1. mina  |  29 augusti 2009 kl. 7:32

    oj sara nakhoonat ghashange vaghan migam vali chetori bahashoon tooye lab kar mikoni?

    det verkar att allt har hamnat på plats. jag försöker att läsa din sida så ofta som möjligt. Skött om dig
    kram khale mina


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