Lunch at the president´s house…

21 augusti 2009 Sarah

Today was the first and apparently the only day of orientation. It started out with a true American breakfast and some standard information for all international students. The university has its own police office on campus, with 24 police officers (!!!)  on duty. I don´t know if I should be happy or scared. But I guess it´s a good thing since they offer free escorts whenever needed. We also get to use the school health center where you get free medical care, medicines etc. You can even see a kiropractor or get an acupuncture or massage, all free of charge.

Later on we were invited to president Milton´s house for lunch, well actually it wasn´t just a house, it was a huge ranch, and it was gorgeous. The president hosts this lunch every year, for all new international students. I got the apportunity to talk to him in person and he was very nice.  It was a true experience, with really good food and great company.

Coming back from the lunch, one of our mentors (fadder) Natalie took us to Cantina Lounge, a bar across the street from the school. We sat on the outside patio and had some frozen margaritas, my favorite!! They were soooo good, especially today since it was screamin´ hot outside!

Back home at the apartment, me, Kim and Johan (this other Swedish guy) went to the pool for some swimming and Jacuzzi-time. We met a couple of our neighbours, some American guys, and ended up chatting with them for a while. And we ended this long but really fun day with some BBQ dinner at our place!

Me and Verna at the president´s house

Me and Verna at the president´s house

The CSUF president greeting the international students

The CSUF president greeting the international students

The buffet....yum!

The buffet....yum!

The elephant, our school mascot!

The elephant, our school mascot!


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  • 1. Linda  |  21 augusti 2009 kl. 12:47

    Ahh, allt ser ju helt fantastiskt ut! Skrattade verkligen ihjal mig at Kims lilla orientation. Kim asiat haha.


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