Finals coming up!

Yes, I´m alive and well. Well almost alive. I have finals coming up next week and I´ve been crazy busy with school, presentations last week and four exams next week. I promise to keep you guys more updated after my finals. Promise promise. I´m in school studying…our student union have had a 24 hour- all night study this week and next and this is where I´ve been every waken minute.

These are my plans for after finals: my little brother Kaveh is coming here on wednesday, on the last day of my finals, and I can´t wait! So I´m going to show him around: we´re going to San Fransisco, Las Vegas, San Diego…to name a few. And we´ll probably spend christmas up north, together with my roomie Amy and her sweet family.

And in mid january we´re off to the greatest place on earth: MIAMI BABY!!!! I havn´t been this excited since…well probably since last time I went to Miami =) And from there we´re taking a cruise to…..BAHAMAS! Five days of sun, crystal blue waters, and scuba diving now that we´re certified! We´ll probably go to the florida Keys too, if time allows us too…but for now, I have TONS of studying to do!

Me and my brother


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San Diego and Fall Break!

The Gaslamp Quarter

Since the cruise we went on was from San Diego, we took the oppurtunity to stay a couple of days in San Diego and check out the city that I was originally supposed to study in. It was a great city and I really enjoyed it but I´m still pretty happy that I ended up in Orange County, I´m not sure if I would want to live in San Diego, great as it might be =)

We stayed in a hostel in the famous Gaslamp District, in the heart of downtown San Diego. This is an area filled with bars, clubs, restaurants and shops. The hostel was awsome and the location couldn´t be any better. During these couple of days, mostly we just walked around the city, explored the streets of downtown San Diego, enjoyed the beautiful views of the harbour and did some shopping.

We also visited the USS Midway, which is an aircraft carrier, today serving as a museum ship. It was active in the Vietnam war and in Operation Desert Storm. We took a guided tour around it and got to see and hear about the life of the sailors and warriors onboard. It was very interesting and sure made one think that things were better back in the days. Man, I feel like grandma saying that =) Check out some of the photos from San Diego:

Downtown San Diego

Our hostel from outside the street

..and the very colorful/bright inside...

My newly found friend at the harbour

The USS Midway

The engine room of USS midway

Prisoners were held captivity here

Tribute to the sailors


Tomorrow is the start of our Fall recess, also known as thanksgiving break…ooh I have been looking forward to thanksgiving forever, its truly one of my favourite holidays, and I never get to celebrate it in Sweden…so this year I´m going crazy with it =) We´re gonna start off our break by going to Las Vegas this sunday, to stay for 4 days.  As you all might know by now, Vegas is known for its MANY five star hotels, and picking one was not easy; The Mirage, The Venetian, Bellagio, Wynn, Encore, Ceasars Palace…after many hours of thinking we finally decided to divide our stay between 2 hotels: The Mirage (because it has tigers&dolphins) and The Wynn Resort (based on the quality of their rooms) . We have so much planned for these days, I can´t wait!!!

After Vegas we are off to Hanford, which is a small city up north, and the home of Amy´s(our roomie) parents. We have been invited by their kind family to celebrate thanksgiving with them, and to stay at their house. We got to meet her parents a couple of weeks ago and they were just awsome so its gonna be a lot of fun.

And as a grand finalé, we´re off to San Diego (again) for next weekend…we were supposed to go to San Francisco that weekend, but after finding out that my good friend Jessica(from my class in sweden) is gonna be in San Diego, we decided to ditch San Francisco and meet up with Jessica in San Diego. The funny thing is that they booked the same hostel that we stayed in last time, so we´re doing a ”favorit i repris” and staying there as well.

Happy Thanksgiving to all of you!!!!

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Hollywood Glam?

These past couple of weeks have been really tough in school. Finally, I had all my midterms and now I can relax for a couple of weeks before finals. I did really good on two if my midterms (the ones that I got back)…I got a 100% one of them which my teacher proudly presented to the whole class, after which EVERYONE started clapping hands and asking me stuff (as if I actually knew)….and on the other exam, my teacher thought it would be unfair to give me ”only a 100%” because I did so good…so he raised my grade to a 102% haha…I told my mom about this and being the strict teacher she is, she says ”but sarah, he can´t do that, there is no such thing as 102%…” and I say ”well, i guess he thought I did really good”…and my mom says ”no but sarah, he can´t do that, you can only get 100 or less on an exam”…as you can imagine, this conversation went on and on…

Oh as I mentioned before, we went to Hollywood for Halloween. During the day, we got to sightsee a bit in Hollywood, we walked on Hollywood Blvd, saw the walk of fame, the Codak theathre, the Chinese theathre…it was all nice but I really don´t see what all the fuss is about. It wasn´t really that glamourous. It was a cool place, but nothing more. Some people I know here go to Hollywood every weekend. I seriously don´t understand what they do there. Oh well, it´s just a difference of opinion I guess. Here´s some pics from Hollywood:


Tiny Hollywood sign


The walk of Fame


We went on another boatdive to Santa Catalina Island last week, it was a really nice dive and me and Kim did really good. Well compared to other people. We had a girl in our group that did really bad which made me and Kim look like pro´s. We finally finished all our skills and can now be certified!!

This weekend is going to be awsome. My friend Natalie won a spa treatment for her and her girlfriends myself included, thanx Nat!) so this saturday I´m going to do that…we´re gonna have champange and just be pampered! And on sunday I´m probably going to one of my favourite outlet malls here, followed by a comedy show with one of my favourite stand-ups; Pablo Fransisco, it´s gonna be so cool seeing him live!

Oh I almost forgot, I have SO MANY pictures from our cruise and it takes a lot of time if I were to post them all here, so I´ll post them on Facebook instead so take a look there!

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Halloween in Hollywood!!

For those of you not currently living in the states, Halloween is probably the biggest event of the year, for people in our age. Or any age. Almost everyone here gets in the spirits by decorating their houses, carving pumpkins, finding the perfect outfit and so on. And so did we. For the past couple of weeks, we decorated the apartment with scary stuff  and carved our own pumpkins.

We took off to Hollywood for the Halloween celebrations of 2009. West Hollywood is the place to be for Halloween. Each year, more than 500,000 people take to the streets of Santa Monica Boulevard to enjoy the craziest, most eccentric costume creations ever. So so was the case last night. Hundreds of thousands of people, all dressed out, we walking the Halloween parade to show off their outfits. It was crazy. Nono, it was a freak show. Some people had the coolest, most amazing costumes. Others were just perverted. There were A LOT of gay people and transvestites. And for some reason (I think it was my costume, the whole sailor thingy) they seemed to like me. A LOT. Lets just leave it at that =) We had so much fun, we danced, had drinks and chatted with everyone. I wish I could post all the photos I took, but for now you´ll just have settle with a few of them. And oh by the way, if you´re easily offended, stop looking RIGHT NOW, do not scroll down, I´m just the messenger ok? =)


Josh&Kim: pirates of the Californian


The captain & the pirate


Held captive


Girls @ sea : me & Nat


Things were better in Roman times =)


Nat not easily frightened!


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Svine Flu




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Flower Power


Love is in the air =)


Cruella & Dalmation

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Back from Paradise!

We got back from our lovely vacatation last saturday, and being away from school for over a week, we had a lot of studying to do this week. But that´s over now, and time for me to tell you about our trip. And what a trip it was. Never in my life have I been so pampered and taken-care-of! The cruise was awsome! I don´t even know where to begin so I´ll just try to write a little at a time for a couple of days ahead =)

The cruise ship that we were on was names Radiance of the Seas, it was built in 2002 and is a medium sized ship. As you´ll know soon, it had anything and everything you can imagine, but we were told that Royal Carribean (the cruise line we traveled with) has much larger ships for other destination. This is just a few of the amenities that the ship offered:


A rock-climbing wall 200 feet about sea level - too high for me =) Miniature-golf


Beautiful pooldeck with pool, hot-tubs & waterfalls


Poolparty at night

Indoor pool & spa area – for grown-ups only =)

Basketball court


A waterpark

It also had a huge gym where they had personal instructors and different classes everyday, a big casino, an art gallery,shopping malls, a movie theathre..and much more. We got a schedule sent to our room everyday where all the days activities were listed. We went on different shows, stand-up´s, musicals, took line-dancing classes(yes, me AND Kim), learnt about ice-carving, cake decorating classes and other fun things. More about the trip coming up soon!












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Dolphins, court & mexico!

So me and Kim went to court the other day, to deal with our little jay-walking situation. There was many hours of waiting before we finally got to enter the court-room.We panicd when we saw a huge room filled with atleast 200 other people who where all there for the same reason as us (or for speeding, drunk driving, possession of drugs etc.). In the front was a big podium where the judge was sitting, if you guys have seen Judge Judy on Tv, this was EXCACTLY the same. We were called to the judge, one by one, and were asked ”how do you pleed” and we answered ”guilty” and that was it, our 255 dollar ticket was reduced to 97 dollars each. It really was a great experience, we just sat there and listened to everyone else´s trials, and tried not to laugh too hard. Some stories were funny, others just tragic. At least, our violation was by far the worst. Some people had a 9000 dollar ticket to pay!! Here´s some photos from our little adventure:

The Court-room

The Court-room


Kim, all dressed up for court =)

Kim, all dressed up for court =)

Tomorrow´s the big day, we are going to spend the weekend in San Diego, which I´ve been waiting for ever since we got to the US! We´re staying at a hostel in the Gaslamp Quarter, where all the shopping, bars and clubs are, so it´s gonna be tons of fun! And our cruise is actually from the port of San Diego, which is this monday!! SOOOOO looking forward to the cruise. Me and Kim went shopping today, the last day of the cruise is a ”formal night” so everyone is really dressed up with beautiful dresses for the ladies and tuxedos for men. So Kim got a Kenneth Cole tuxedo with a DKNY tie, classy huh? =)

I also found out today that my best friend Anoush and my mom are coming to see me in Cali April 1st, I´m so happy! Anoush and I have so much fun together, just the thought of her makes me smile…here´s a picture of us on our last get-together just before I left for the states, only a few people know what really happened that night =)

Me & my girl

Me & my girl

I´ll leave you guys with a link to a little video of the dolphins that we saw on our SCUBA trip, it´s just a few seconds long but we were so excited to see them that filming wasn´t our first priority =) But check it out! Next post will be after our trip to Mexico!

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My first Dive!

Me and Kim went on our first ocean dive for our Scuba class last friday! We got up at 5am, packed our stuff and headed to Long Beach harbour, where we got on the Bottom Scratcher, the boat that took us on a 3 hour trip to Santa Catalina Island. Catalina is a rocky island just off the coast of California, and a very popular spot for scuba diving (better than Hawaii, according to our teacher). On the way there we saw lots of pelicans and even a sea lion. It was a bumpy ride though and lots of people got sea-sick. Thank god for Dramamine, I say! (sea-sickness medication)

Catalina Island

Catalina Island

The crew on the boat were just fabulous, a great captain and told us about this passion for cars, and a brittish cook that was very upset about Mr. Obama receiving the Nobel peace price. Anyways, the cook was awsome, all through the day she cooked us all kinds of deliciuos food, so everytime we got out of the water she had something new in store for us to eat. After breakfast we all took a nap in one of the many bunk beds on the boat. All of a sudden the captain stopped the engines and everyone rushed out to the side of the boat. Turns out, a large group of DOLPHINS were playing in the waves that the boat left behind. They were jumping up and down, doing all kinds of tricks…it was the most exciting thing I´ve ever seen in my life, they were SO beautiful! Kim caught some of it on film, I´ll see if I can post it on the blog.

Pelican & Long Beach Harbour

Pelican & Long Beach Harbour



Early morning on the boat

Early morning on the boat

We did three dives during the day, most of it included doing our necessary skills in order to be certified. These skills are pretty scary and I did have a little panic attack during my second dive, mostly because I couldn´t equalize my ears and I actually ended up hurting my ears a bit, but I´m recovering from it =) After my second dive I felt like I never wanted to dive ever again, but after some food and hot chocolate, I was ready for the next dive =)

Getting ready for the dive

Getting ready for the dive

Overall, we had a great day. The boat was a lot of fun and ofcourse, getting in the water was even better. The visibility was really good, and we saw a lot of fish, lobsters and beautiful marine plants. The Kelp (a type of underwater plant) here in the waters of South California are really amazing, they create this underwater forest which attracts lots of marine life and it feels almost unreal swimming around these 50 meter tall plants. This is what it looks like below the surface:

A kelp forest

A kelp forest

Ok I admit, we did not have sharks in the water, but you get the picture right? I really liked the dives and I can´t wait until our next boat trip. After we got back to the harbour, our wonderful teacher L.T (a former member of the SWAT team, no kidding) took me and Kim to what he called ” a very sleezy bar” but to be honest, I didn´t think it was that bad, I´ve seen worse. But it was a lot of fun!

This weekend we´re going to San Diego, really looking forward to that! And on monday we´re going on our 6-day cruise to Cabo, Mexico! It´s gonna be amazing, I´m sure. Hope you guys have a great week!

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Confessions of a shopaholic…

On saturday, me, Kim and Miriam went to Ontario Mills Mall, one of Americas largest one-story malls. It´s an outlet mall, which means that they have all the brand name stores (like Ralph Lauren, Guess, Coach etc.) but to much lower prices. And man, did we shop. I got so much stuff, dresses, tops, shorts, underwear…but best of all: a new GUESS handbag with a matching wallet! I love it! Thinking about it now, I really feel bad for shopping so much but I just couldn´t stop myself in there!

*love* GUESS

*love* GUESS

 On Sunday we decided to go to Ikea to get a dresser for our room. Although I´m not a big Ikea-fan back home, it was actually pretty fun to be there, see a swedish flag and other swedish stuff. We had swedish meatballs that were EVEN BETTER than the ones back home, and cheaper. And we went nuts at ”godishyllan”, we got Bilar (candy), Ballerinakex(crackers) and chocolates. Strangely, this was also cheaper than back home.

Swedish candy rocks!

Swedish candy rocks!

Meatballs, mashed potatoes, gravy & Lingon!

Meatballs, mashed potatoes, gravy & Lingon!

Just like home

Just like home

So to sum up: NO more shopping in a while. Or ever. We´ll see =) Meanwhile, I have some schoolwork this week, and also, me and Kim have to prepare for our first ocean-dive this Friday! You guys have NO IDEA how nervous we are, well everyone in our class are. Although it´s gonna be tons of fun, this trip comes with some dangers since we aren´t used to the ocean. So far we have only been using a deep pool which is not the same, as you can imagine. This time we´ll be in water 30-40 feet deep, with limited visibility. Anyways, I´ll let you know how that goes =)

For now, have a great week!

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We´re going to Mexico!!

Because of the budget crisis, our school has a so called furlough week  in october, which means that the school is closed, so that money can be saved. We have had a couple of furlough days already and there are more to come. It´s not really good news since students miss out on many of their classes. Especially if you pay high tuition fees (like Kim). But the good news is that we have some time off from school. So we decided to book a cruise to Mexico in two weeks, during that week we´re off from school! It´s gonna be so much fun, I can´t wait!

We´re travelling with one of the world´s largest cruise lines, Royal Caribbean International. The Ship is called Radiance of the Seas and it´s totally amazing. It has: lots of pools, jacuzzis, a water park, a rock-climbing wall, miniature golf, a huge casino, a library, a movie theatre, a comedy club, a shopping mall, a gym with all sorts of aerobic/dance classes, a basketball court, volleyball court, tons of restaurants/cafe´s/bars/nightclubs…TO MENTION A FEW. It´s gonna be crazy.

the "lobby" on Radiance of the Seas

the "lobby" on Radiance of the Seas

We´re going to two places in mexico: Ensenada and Cabo San Lucas. We´re gonna do some shore excursions when we get there, and we already booked a snorkelling trip in Cabo, which is one of the world´s most beautiful snorkelling spots. Ok here´s the bad thing: the cruise is all-inclusive! Which means all-you-can-eat, any restaurant, any time (yes, even room-service in the middle of the night is included). It´s gonna be interesting to see how much weight I´m gonna put on at the end of the cruise =)

Oh, and speaking of food. I´m a big fan of TGI Fridays. And I would go there everyday if I could, but my wallet and my health is  stopping me from doing that. But guess what I found at the grocery store last night? All their appetizers, all packed and ready to be heated! So this is what we had for dinner last night: Mozarella sticks, jalapenjo poppers, buffalo wings, spinach & artichoke dip and chicken quesedillas! All from TGI fridays!

Thank god it´s friday!

Thank god it´s friday!

For dessert I founds these adorable Pink band cup-cakes, if you´re gonna eat this stuff, it might as well be for a good cause right? =) Support the Pink Band!!!



Today´s saturday and we´re going to a huge outlet mall in a city nearby, Ontario (no, not the one in Canada). We´re gonna do some shopping, have dinner and maybe see a movie. A very chill saturday. Before I go, I´ve had many people asking me about my scuba class, and there seem to have been a misunderstanding. For the record, the scuba class I´m taking is not something I do on my sparetime, it´s an academic class that gives me credits just as any another chemisty or biology class would. We also have quizzes, exams and yes, we get graded. It sounds strange, I admit, since we don´t offer those types of classes at a university in Sweden, but here at Cal State University we have lots of them. How about taking a bowling class, golf or maybe surfing? =)

Have a great weekend you guys!!!

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In our car, cruisin on the beach

In our car, cruisin on the beach

Last weekend we got up really early, got in our car and headed to the Beach, where we met up with Josh and Natalie for some surfing! This was my very first time trying it, and man, it was hard! And scary, I´ve never seen (or felt) waves that big. Josh is a surfer from waaay back and he was our teacher for the day. And he was great, but I was just too scared to try all the things he tried to show us. The mighty ocean just freaked me out! But Josh never gave up on us. At one point, me and him were surfing the waves on ONE surfboard, he did all the job ofcourse.  I just screamed. Catching a wave (for those of you that havn´t tried) is crazy. It´s fast, and bumpy and just incredible. Kim and Natalie were not as scared as me so they gave it a couple of more tries while I was laying on the beach and enyoing the sun. Josh was great though, I wish I could surf like that, he´s a natural.

After the surfing, we went downtown and had THE BEST breakfast I´ve had with lots of omelettes, bacon, sausages, hash browns, fruits and toast! And later, me and Natalie went to a Halloween store to get our outfits…we´re sorta matching… we´re gonna look gourgeous haha!

So after a long day we got home, went straight to the jacuzzi and just relaxed with ”the Swedish gang”…great day with great finale right?!

surf instructor + wife-to-be

surf instructor + wife-to-be

Kim with huge surfboard

Kim with huge surfboard

jacuzzi+beers+swedes+1german = great night

jacuzzi+beers+swedes+1german = great night

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